Welcome to International Cafe World Friends!!

International cafe world friends


Make good friends and practice

your Japanese.


Open : Tuesdays,Thursdays




 Fee :   foreigner 500yen

           (Included soft drinks)          


mail :  kofufriends@yahoo.co.jp

Tel   :  090-1880-0230  Sato


Where is the Cafe located ?

for details:

Please go to"Mapお店の地図"

in the menu.(メニュー)













































English Bar   English pub  Meeting place

International Students, Foreign Travelers in Japan

Japanese Friends picnic outdoor activities

Language exchange Japanese-English

cultural exchange evening History culture

Japanese-German French Kofu Yamanashi

Nirasaki city,kai city,minami arupusu city,

fuefuki city, yamanasi city, hokuto city,